GayHoopla: Teens Ian Borne and Josh Farve have a lot of fun.


Studio:  GayHoopla

Star(s):  Ian Borne, Josh Farve

Director’s Notes:

Sheeesh… Talk about CHEMISTRY. 18-year-old Josh Farve and 19-year-old Ian Borne are two HOT and HORNY teenagers. These two are so easy going, charismatic, and genuine that when combined, their energy simply ignites.

These guys had the opportunity to hang out for the day leading up to their sexcapades. Having that time to get to know each other, enjoy some laughs, and relate with one another really was a great ice breaker.

This is evident when we told them to enjoy their first kiss. It was like they were just WAITING all day for that moment! Ahhh to finally UNLEASH the horny beasts!

Josh has taken two big GayHoopla cocks at this point… Will there be more in his future soon? We might just make a size queen out of him in no time 😉


Click here now to check out the full scene at GayHoopla.

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