Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Martin Hovor, Leo Lombar

Director’s Notes:

Leo Lombar and Martin Hovor, are two very hot and handsome str8 guys. In this scene Leo arrives and sits on the sofa, after coming back from the gym. Martin comes in and sits next to him. He begins to feel Leo’s biceps as they are flexed and then the two of them start to kiss. Leo’s tee shirt is pulled off, and then Martin’s is too. Leo pushes down his jeans to release his stiffening cock which Martin takes in his mouth and sucks. His head bobs on the throbbing cock as Leo relaxes and enjoys the feeling. He pushes Martin’s head down on his hard cock. Martin sucks on the balls too and wanks the cock as well. Then he kisses Leo and gets naked himself. Laying back on the sofa he relaxes as Leo takes a turn at sucking. Martin’s big cock fills his mouth as the bearded Leo’s lips are wrapped tight around the shaft. Then Leo lays back and raises his legs to expose his tight hole. Martin laps at the hole for a while. Then Leo turns over, onto his knees, presenting his ass to Martin’s big hard cock. The cock slides deep into Leo’s tight hole and Martin starts to fuck. Leo’s tight hole is stretched wide as Martin’s dick fucks in and out. The fucking speeds up as the dick works in and out of Leo’s ass. He turns over so they can spoon with Martin’s dick pounding the hot hole. Leo wanks himself as Martin keeps fucking hard. Leo keeps wanking himself as he takes the big cock in his ass. He shoots his hot cum as Martin keeps fucking him. Then Martin pulls out of the ass to wank his dick and shoot his creamy cum. He milks his cock dry and they kiss again to end a lovely scene.

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