Studio:  GayHoopla

Star(s):  Josh Farve, Collin Simpson

Director’s Notes:

So here’s the inside scoop… Josh Farve flew out to see us with the intention of only doing a solo jerk off scene, but once he saw Collin Simpson in person, Josh not only showed interest, he BEGGED us to let him and Collin FUCK!

How can this be you ask? Well that answer is simple. The fresh 18-year-old Josh and GayHoopla legend Collin hit it off as soon as they said hello. Josh had already watched all of Collin’s videos on which made him a sort of Collin Simpson super-fan. We remember standing there and feeling like we should simply take a hike as these two fitness fanatics went right in to health, weight lifting, and nutrition talk.

Josh kind of looks up to Collin as the big brother he’s never had. He admires Collin’s physique, knowledge, and maturity. These two continued to chat it up all night as they discussed life, common interests, and who knows what else 😉

I do know one thing for sure… Once we hit the record button, Josh’s underlying desire for Collin’s long, hard cock was too intense for those teenage hormones. Josh let out his inner FREAK and nobody saw it coming.

Don’t miss out on these two superstars. They couldn’t wait to get their hands (and dicks) on each other!

Side note… Collin should get an award for all of this fresh meat he has been knocking out! Oooofta! Who would like to be in HIS shoes??

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Click here now to check out the full scene at GayHoopla.

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