Bentley Race: Ryan Kai returns to get a full service massage.


Studio:  Bentley Race

Star(s):  Ryan Kai

Director’s Notes:

I am working through loading the summer shoots up on Bentley Race. Yesterday I loaded this fun shoot with my Asian twink mate Ryan Kai. You can tell from the number of times I have shot with Ryan that I love having him model for me. In this shoot it was a really hot day so we headed outside to get some nude shots on the roof. I could photograph Ryan’s gorgeous little bum all day long. He looks great naked and rubs his big dick nice and hard so I can grab some erection shots. We did a lot of photos on the roof and back in the studio, making this a very big gallery. But make sure you watch the video too. It’s the first time I am giving Ryan a naked massage and then wanking him off. Make you watch right to the end. You can see he blows his load as I start sucking on his balls. I get cum in my face as he blows cum everywhere. What a nice way to finish up the hot shoot.


Click here now to check out the full scene at Bentley Race.

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