Studio:  BelAmi Online

Star(s):  Tim Hamilton, Lukas Ridgeston

Director’s Notes:

Today marks the start of our remastered Lukas in Love series. Originally released in 2005, Lukas in Love has proven to be one of the most memorable of BelAmi’s classics. For this remastered version, we have decided to follow the original film in its entirety, from Tim’s betrayal of Lukas and following his path to finding love again.

Lukas wanted to surprise his boyfriend Tim Hamilton with flowers but when he arrived home he found him fucking another guy. Lukas leaves abruptly while Tim continues to nail the new guy’s ass until they both fall from the bed.
Meanwhile, Lukas is fondly remembering the time when they were much happier…

Tim and Lukas are in an intimate environment filled with candles and soft music, Tim is gently sucking on Lukas‘ massive uncut cock and every so often the guys kiss gently.  After some time Lukas is in dire need to fuck his boyfriend, so he lays on the back and lets Tim take control: Tim rides him like a pro, allowing Lukas‘ huge cock to penetrate him deep and wide…

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