William Higgins: Hunky Doctor Petr Zuska gives sexy jock Dan Holan a thorough checkup.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Dan Holan, Petr Zuska

Director’s Notes:

Hot str8 guys Dan Holan and Petr Zuska feature in this wonderful Czech Up Dreamset, which was suggested by Brad. Dan wakes up feeling unwell and telephones the doctor. He arranges to go to the doctor’s office for a Czech Up. Arriving at the Dr Petr’s office he reports a headache and abdominal pain. Petr tells Dan to strip down to his underwear and to sit on the table. Petr then listens to Dan’s and chest. He continues to check things like throat, eyes and ears. Then Petr tells Dan to lay down and he begins to feel the abdomen. Then he checks Dan’s pulse too. Next it is time to do the blood pressure which seems a little high. So Petr decides to check the body temperature as well. Dan sits up and take the thermometer into his mouth. His temperature is high too, but Petr decides upon a further check telling Dan to remove his underwear and to sit in the examination chair, with his legs in the stirrups. Petr inserts the thermometer into Dan’s ass and the temperature is still high, so he decides the ass needs a further exam. Petr gloves up and takes some lube and then slides a finger into Dan’s tight hole. Not too sure of things he stretches the hole wider by inserting two fingers and gently fucking in and out. Lubing the hole he then inserts a scope into Dan’s ass so he can check further. That allows a full examination internally. Removing the scope Petr takes hold of Dan’s dick which has become fully erect during the exam. He wanks the cock a little and then leans over to suck it as he fingers the tight hole again. Dan moans as his hole is fingered and his cock is sucked. Petr licks the balls and sucks on that big, stiff cock. Then he spread the ass wide and slides a finger in again. His own cock is rock hard so he moves over to sit against the table, pants down as Dan drops to his knees and to suck on the big cock. Dan’s mouth works all over Petr’s throbbing cock. His head is pushed further onto the cock by Petr’s hand. Dan does a great job of sucking. Then he stands and leans on the table with one leg up on it, presenting his sexy ass. Petr gets fully naked and slides his rock hard dick deep into the waiting ass. He fucks Dan’s hard deep, pulling out and shoving all the way in again. Dan moans as he takes that rampant cock. Petr fucks harder, his thighs slapping against Dan;s hairy ass. He grabs the hips for leverage as he keeps up his deep fucking. Then he turns Dan over, onto his back, and continues to fuck him hard. Dan takes hold of his own dick and wanks it as he takes Petr deep in his hole. With that big cock working his hole Dan soon shoots his creamy cum onto himself. He milks his cock as Petr continues his hard fucking. Then Petr pulls out and shoots a nice big load too. All that hard sexy has made Dan feel better and Petr tells him he needs to visit more often, to end a very good Czech Up.

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