Straight Fraternity: Straight boys Milo and Ryan jerk it next to each other.


Studio:  Straight Fraternity

Star(s):  Milo, Ryan

Director’s Notes:

Ryan and Milo are willing to mess around with each other for the right price, and both try to make as much money as they can. I make Ryan and Milo get naked, and since they won’t kiss, I tell them to hug and rub on each other. They grab each other’s dicks, and I make them swap blowjobs before they stroke themselves side-by-side on the couch. I want to see some cock on ass, so I walk the guys through it. Ryan lubes up Milo’s ass and slides his hard cock up and down his crack. Then, after a little more stroking, it’s Milo’s turn to be on top. Since Ryan cums first, he gets to shoot on Milo. I offer him more money for a second load, and he’s able to do it right away! Milo finally pops his big nut, and I make Ryan one last offer for exttra cash if he licks up all Milo’s cum.

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