Young Bastards: Enjoy watching muscular jocks Florian and Joshua don their wrestling singlets.


Studio:  Young Bastards

Star(s):  Florian, Joshua

Director’s Notes:

With their hot young bodies writhing around on in oiled up spandex Florian and Joshua can’t help but get horny. Their cocks are getting stiff as their uniforms slip away, their shafts sliding and slipping around against each other as precum leaks from their helmets. The lust is too much, Florian can’t resist grabbing that incredible XXL cock his friend has, wanking and sucking him. With a little more oil to ease the way the gay wrestling boys frot their dicks together and Joshua turns his attention to that delicious ass, playing with his friend’s smooth round buttocks and sliding his engorged meat into that tight hole. Florian loves it, his own dick is swinging and oozing as Joshua slams his ass over and over, making him ride his shaft until both gay wrestling boys are unable to stop their cum from spewing out. Florian wanks his cream over himself as his buddy fucks his slippery butt, then gets a creamy load in his pucker too.

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