Staxus: Cute and hung euro twocks Vittorio Vega and Ron Negba get into some sweaty action.


Studio:  Staxus

Star(s):  Ron Negba, Vittorio Vega

Director’s Notes:

Is Vittorio Vega looking just a little bit nervous at the start of this deliciously hot escapade with Ron Negba – a somewhat understandable predicament given the fact that he’s about to be teamed up with one of the hottest properties on the gay porn circuit at present – or is he simply as horny as fuck? In truth, it’s quite likely that both factors are playing their part in these opening moments; but if you think the new boy is about to baulk from the opportunity that’s literally laid out before him on the bed then you’d better think again. Fact is, Vega isn’t set to allow this luckiest of chances to slip through his fingers; and before you know it he’s gazing up at Negba as he thrusts his buddy’s dick down his throat. Not that everybody’s favourite blond slut is in any way less enthusiastic about giving head; and having each taken it in turn to devour every straining inch of flesh, both buddies are soon 69-ing away like a pair of Parisian whores. All of which soon leads to the main part of the action, as Vega takes the leads and thrusts that thick, meaty, uncut ramrod of his deep into Negba’s ever grateful boy-cunt; signalling the start of a stupendous display of twink-rutting, that has their hotel room turning almost incendiary. Indeed, if you can hold back from dumping an appreciative wad as these two sluts slog it out for all their worth – Negba calling out for Vega to fuck him ever harder! – then all due credit. What’s impossible to overlook, however, is the top-notch, spunk-soaked finale; as both lads cement their rankings by producing the kind of climaxes most of us can only marvel at!


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