Family Dick: Hot jock David gets caught by his step-dad as he’s about to put on a webcam show.


Studio:  Family Dick

Star(s):  David (Son), John (Dad)

Director’s Notes:

So many young guys now are seeing the popularity (and financial gain) of setting up their own web cam chat. And it’s easy: be sexy, strip down, do things on camera for tips! When this handsome young man gets online, he’s pumped and ready to take out his cock and stroke it for his anonymous audience. Not only that, he gets turned on knowing he’s being watched! Little does he know that his step dad is watching as well… from his bedroom door! Things really get heated when his step dad steps in, and instead of getting mad, he gets hard! Taking the son’s invitation to join in, the daddy son duo blow up the internet with their viewer’s direction to fuck and suck each other! And no surprise, their fans couldn’t get enough!

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