Colby Knox: Colby Chambers is tempted by Mickey Knox’s sexy apron.


Studio:  Colby Knox

Star(s):  Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox

Director’s Notes:

In this new video release from ColbyKnox… Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox are making good on their promise to fuck in every room in the house, and film it for our viewing pleasure. While the kitchen is not the most conventional place for a good fucking, Colby and Mickey as usual seem to enjoy every second of it. Mickey surprises Colby with his beautiful perky ass hanging out of his apron as he cooks them both breakfast. Colby picks up the hint real quick and doesn’t bother with any to the usual warm up. He see what he wants and goes for it immediately, taking Mickey right there in front of the stove, thrusting his big thick cock inside of Mickeys warm willing hole. The two go at it and work each other up into a sex crazed frenzy until Mickey cant take it anymore and blows his load all over himself as Colby thrusts and fucks away at him. Colby flips Mickey over back into doggy so he can see his husbands plump beautiful ass as he finishes himself.


Click here now to check out the full scene at Colby Knox.

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