William Higgins: Enjoy the flex show from hot jock Petr Jarena.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Petr Jarena

Director’s Notes:

Petr Jarena is aged 22 and lives in Prague. This well built str8 guy is a student who enjoys sports, ice-hockey and fitness. He looka good as he sits on the bed, smiling, and doing his interview. He reveals a lot in his interview, including trying sex with a guy. Then Petr stands and starts to feel his body. Posing in front of the mirror his hands run over the body and he lifts his tee shirt to show some skin. As he shows off his sexy chest, and rubs the pecs he also slips a hand into his pants a little way. He takes off his tee shirt to really show that hot chest, letting his hands feel all over it. The Petr pushes down his pants to show off his bulging underwear, grabbing the crotch. Hew takes some oil and rubs it all over his hot chest and arms. Reaching into his underwear Petr gropes himself and then pulls his cock and balls out of the leg. He wanks his cock and soon has it rock hard in his hand. He drips oil onto that big, fat, cock and keeps up his wanking. He pushes the underwear down and wanks more oil into that big, hard, cock. The wanking feels so good that Petr moans as he keeps working his cock. Then he moves to the bed and lays down, raising his legs into the air. That gives us a great view of his ass and the hot, tight, hole. Petr wanks his dick as he shows off that sexy hole. He pulls his legs up and reaches for his ass cheeks spreading them further apart. That stretches his tight hole beautifully as he moans. Sitting up, at the end of the bed he keeps up his wanking of the oily dick. His moaning gets louder as he gets ready to cum. Then, after milking himself dry he goes off to the shower to clean up.

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