William Higgins: Doctor Adam Nezval gives Martin Polnak a very special type of check up.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Adam Nezval, Martin Polnak

Director’s Notes:

Sexy str8 doctor Adam Nezval has Martin Polnak, another hot str8 guy, in for a Czech Up. He tells Martin to strip to his underwear so that he can start his examination. Adam listens to Martin’s chest and back, after feeling his neck. Then he has Martin take off his underwear and lay on the table. Adam feels around Martin’s groin area and checks his balls too. Then he needs to check the prostate so his patient moves to the exam chair. With his legs in the stirrups Martin’s sexy ass is exposed as Adam gloves a hand and rubs lube over the hole. He pushes his finger gently into the hole, a little at a time. Martin takes hold of his cock and balls as he feels the finger in his ass. It pushes in deeper, until it is all the way in that ass. Then Adam pulls it out some and begins to gently fuck the hole. Martin’s dick gets so hard as he feels the finger in his ass. Adam removes his finger and moves up to suck on Martin’s rock hard cock. He kisses him too, but soon returns to sucking on the big dick . As he sucks Adam slides a finger into Martin’s ass again. His head moves up and down on that throbbing cock as Martin moans with pleasure. Adam licks up and down the thick shaft and takes the head in his mouth again as his finger fucks into the tight ass. Adam removes his top and opens his pants to reveal his hard cock too. He climbs up so that Martin can suck on his dick. Martin’s eager mouth closes around the stiff cock and sucks it hard. Adam holds Martin’s head and fucks his cock in and out of the mouth. Then Martin takes over, sucking and wanking the cock. He grabs his own dick as he keeps working on Adam’s pole. Then they kiss and Martin moves back to the table, bending over to present his ass . Adam’s cock slides deep into the waiting hole and starts to fuck. Martin moans as he takes that stiff dick all the way in his hot hole. Adam fucks deep and with long thrusts into the ass. Martin grabs his own cock and wanks it as Adam keeps up his hard fucking. Adam then lays on the table and Martin climbs on to ride that hard cock. His ass bounces up and down as he takes that dick so well. He wanks his own cock too as Martin’s stretches his hot hole. As he moans loudly and wanks hard Adam thrusts taht dick deep into his hole. Martin takes it all, loving the feeling of his ass being stretched. He keeps wanking his cock ,as Adam fucks him, and then dumps his hot cum, milking every last drop from his cock. Martin continues to ride as Adam fucks, then he slides off the cock and Adam stands over his to shoot his hot load too. He wanks the cum out of his cock and then kisses Martin again to complete his Czech Up.

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