Corbin Fisher: Elian drills Dane. Don’t miss Dane giving himself a facial!


Studio:  Corbin Fisher

Star(s):  Dane, Elian

Director’s Notes:

It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon and buddies Elian and Dane are relaxing in their sweatpants while playing video games together. Dane leans over to cover Elian’s eyes to prevent him from scoring, but he only succeeds in one sense – Elian puts his arm around Dane and then the two share that tell-tale look of two guys who have already fucked. Elian kisses Dane, and Dane’s hand goes to Elian’s massive, muscular thigh, before he ends up briefly on his knees before Elian simply picks him up and carries him upstairs like he weighs nothing!

Elian doesn’t even bother disrobing Dane, he just pulls down his sweats and helps himself to the tasty snack that is Dane’s bubble butt. Elian eats him out for all he’s worth, before bending him over and fucking his brains out on the couch.

After pausing to make Dane suck his big cock, Elian finally pulls his clothes off and resumes fucking him, until he forces Dane to give himself a facial in the pile-driver position, before painting his face himself!

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