Helix Studios: Travis Berkley is all horned up and alone. He finds the perfect place to put his new thick toy.


Studio:  Helix Studios

Star(s):  Travis Berkley

Director’s Notes:

Ex mammoth membered Mormon turned porn pro has had YEARS of pent-up sexual frustration. Travis Berkley is the perfectly pieced good boy gone bad letting his raw sexuality explode onto the screen and we get to watch him explore every inch of himself as well as experience his fucktastic fantasies. The tall peaches and cream dreamboat has got the goods and he slowly unveils them. He eye fucks the camera, drawing us in as he strips seductively. Wriggling on the couch possessed by passion, Travis caresses every sexy square inch of his beautiful smooth, tight teen body. He slaps his heavy, rock hard cock against his chiseled six pack, then spits on his fingers and slaps the saliva in his hole. He hoists his ample ass up with his track star like legs, spreading his smooth cheeks to get at his glory hole. He works his ass with his fingers, pulling his pretty pucker apart till it’s nice, open and looking like our favorite letter….. “O.” Raging hard, the hot piece grabs a sizable dildo and crams it up his cock hungry can. Keeping one hand stroking his throbbing schlong, Travis slaps the sex toy against his hole, teasing himself until it becomes a physical NEED to slide the toy deep in his ass. He keeps it buried suction cup deep most of the time until his cock absolutely NEEDS to nut, then our boy thrusts, fucking himself hard as hell till his hog spits years of glorious, gooey pent up sex juice. He whips the silicone cock out of his fuck hole, runs it through the fresh happy trail of cum up to his pretty face, then gazes at the toy groin as if to realize for the first time that anal orgasms are absolutely amazing.

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