Corbin Fisher: Sexy jock Griffin blasts a load all over his hot pecs and abs!


Studio:  Corbin Fisher

Star(s):  Griffin

Director’s Notes:

Sprawled out on the couch, blond stud Griffin is ready for a nice, relaxing self-pleasure session in front of the camera. His muscles tense and flex as he strokes his nice cock like a natural. He gets up on the ottoman to kneel and show off his muscular torso, moaning softly as he gets harder and harder.

When Griffin is finally close enough to blow his load, his stomach muscles and thighs are both quivering with energy, until he finally coats the peaks and valleys of his defined abs with his thick cum.

We ask him how long he’s been waiting to cum: “All day,” he says, with a grin. If that’s just one day’s worth of energy for him, we can’t wait to wind him up a little more for next time!

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