Corbin Fisher: Jacob starts off as he fucks Kellan in the beautiful outdoors. Things then move into the kitchen for Kellan’s turn to top.


Studio:  Corbin Fisher

Star(s):  Jacob, Kellan

Director’s Notes:

Kellan and Jacob get so eager for some serious fucking, they don’t even make it out of the kitchen before Kellan has Jacob’s hard cock balls deep down his throat; every new piece of clothing that comes off exposes something new for them to lock their lips and tongue on.  Once Jacob’s hole is exposed, Kellan doesn’t waste any time getting his tongue buried inside it – something that is clearly turning Jacob on.

Kellan looks like he doesn’t ever want to stop tongue-fucking Jacob’s hole, and it’s only when Kellan doesn’t just want but totally needs to get his dick buried inside Jacob’s ass that he pulls his tongue out to have that cock take its place.

These two look beyond hot as Kellan drills Jacob – Jacob’s own hard cock swaying all over as Kellan fucks him.  Finally, Jacob blasts out a load that flies clear across the kitchen before Kellan fires off a load that coats Jacob’s hole.

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