William Higgins: Muscular jock Boda Gold gets drilled hard by sexy Hugo Antonin.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Hugo Antonin, Boda Gold

Director’s Notes:

Hugo Antonin and Boda Gold are a pair of very sexy str8 guys. In this scene we find Hugo taking a shower and then he steps out and begins to towel himself dry. He spends some time in front of the mirror, tweaking his hair and then he goes in the living room to join Boda. Boda is playing a game on his phone as Hugo starts to rub his friends chest. He leans over and kisses Boda as he reaches to grope him. They stand and continue to kiss as Boad reaches for Hugo’s cock and starts to wank it. He sits again and takes the cock into his mouth for some sucking. Hugo’s cock gets rock hard as Boda sucks on it. Boda’s head bob up and down on the big, throbbing cock taking it all into his mouth. He does a great job on Hugo’s cock and then leans back to have his jeans pulled down for Hugo to suck him. Boda’s cock is big and hard too and Hugo sucks and wanks on it, his lips closed tight around the head. Boda pulls him onto that big cock as Hugo keeps sucking it hard. Then they change again with Boda doing the sucking again. He cups Hugo’s tight balls as he sucks on that cock. Then Boda bends and leans on the mantelpiece as Hugo slides his dick deep into the waiting hole. Hugo pounds that sexy ass, spanking it too, fucking deep and hard. He grabs Boda’s hips for leverage as he keeps up his hard fucking. Boda lays on his back, on the table, with his legs wide apart for Hugo to fuck him some more. Hugo’s big cock stretches the ass wide and fucks it deep, with hard, fast, strokes. Boda’s dick waves around as his hole is fucked hard. He grabs his own cock and wanks it as Hugo keeps up his deep fucking. Boda moves again, bending, to have that cock shoved deep into his eager hole again. He wanks himself as Hugo continues to fuck as hard as he can. Boda’s cock is so hard as he wanks himself until he cums. Hugo keeps up his fucking, going even harder into that hot ass, until he is ready to cum too. Then he pulls out and shoots his creamy load all over Boda’s sexy ass.

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