Corbin Fisher: Collegiate hotties Dane and Kenny blast their loads.


Studio:  Corbin Fisher

Star(s):  Dane, Kenny

Director’s Notes:

We appreciate Dane caring about his appearance and takes the time to iron his shirts, but honestly, we’d much rather see him with as little clothes as possible!

Kenny agrees and moves on Dane. Those two are a vision of fitness, with rock hard abs, strong and sculpted arms and chest, golden hair and skin, brilliant blue eyes – and hot cocks that don’t quit!

The iron might be hot, but the sex is scorching! Dane and Kenny start off by taking turns holding each other’s legs in the air and eating their cute little asses. Then Dane dives into Kenny hole, hitting all the right spots. Kenny’s tight ass feels amazing for Dane can’t help but to bust a hot load in Kenny’s ass. Lucky for Kenny, Dane has the youthful stamina to keep on fucking until Kenny fires off too!

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