Posts From the monthly archives: "October 2017"

  Studio:  Cocky Boys Star(s):  Sean Ford, Allen King Director’s Notes: From the depths of the underworld demon Allen King crawls out of an open tomb and makes irreverent mischief on the hallowed grounds of a Madrid cemetery. He defiles graves, sexually teases a young mourner almost lured by the temptation, and struts…(Read More)

  Studio:  Colby Knox Star(s):  Christian Bay, Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox Director’s Notes: We join our hero in distress, being broken down by one of the diabolical thugs that make up the crime community of Gotham city. His resolve is strong but when something goes wrong neither him nor the thugs can control…(Read More)

  Studio:  ManRoyale Star(s):  Leo Luckett, Ollie Director’s Notes: Boyfriends, Leo Luckett and Ollie, prank eachother using a blowup doll in preparation for the Halloween season. Don’t miss the hot video preview below! Click here to jump there now!   Click here now to check out the full scene at ManRoyale. Category…(Read More)

  Studio:  NakedSword Star(s):  Lyle Boyce, Alasdair Ford, Daniel Johnson, Leo Marco, Rox Matthews, Theo Reid, Zac West Director’s Notes: There’s only so much pussy a boy can handle before he starts craving some hot stiff dick! The boys in this movie have all reached that limit and allow their carnal instincts…(Read More)

  Studio:  Next Door Raw Star(s):  Steve Rogers, Ty Thomas Director’s Notes: Ty Thomas doesn’t usually cruise the parks for hookups, but when he sees beefy hunk Steve Rogers loitering around, he decides to have a seat and see what happens. Steve notices him immediately, and as they make eye contact, he…(Read More)