Guys in Sweatpants: What a hot fuck! Logan Cross takes Kaden nice and deep.


Studio:  Guys in Sweatpants

Star(s):  Logan Cross, Kaden

Director’s Notes:

Before flying out to us, Kaden explained the type of guy he’d love to fuck, and then used Logan Cross as an example. The universe works in wonderer ways because Logan was already going to be here– so needless to say, the sexual chemistry was there. Kaden is versatile, but after spending a nice amount of time with Logan face down ass up on the bed tongue fucking him, he slid his cock in him, and put a good fuck down on him. Logan will always leave happy after getting choke fucked into a sweat. Logan definitely left happy. One of Kaden’s favorite thing is cum, so he fucked a huge load out of Logan, and didn’t waste a single drop as he jumped down and cleaned it all up with his mouth. And Logan left freshly fucked with a face and chest full of Kaden’s cum!


Click here now to check out the full scene at Guys in Sweatpants.

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