Hot jock Martin Hovor gets spanked and more under the control of Dom Alan Carly.



Star(s):  Martin Hovor

Director’s Notes:

Martin Hovor is gagged and shackled, hands high above him. He is wearing only some see-thru underwear as he tries to release himself. Alan Carly walks in and immediately starts to slap on Martin’s beautiful body. The heavy hands hit all over Martin’s chest, making him moan. Then Alan pulls on the nipples as well. Martin keeps moving as he feels the hands hitting on his hot body. Alan grabs Martin’s cock and balls thru the inderwear and squeezes. Then he turns him and spanks on the ass. He pulls down the underwear and continues to spank that sexy ass. Then Alan takes a whip and hits on Martin’s back, ass and thighs. He applies clamps to the nipples and pulls on them. Martin keeps moaning and more so when the clamps are attached to his foreskin. A belt is also used to beat Martin then Alan uses his hands again, spanking the ass and spreading the cheeks to show the hole. He oils the hole and shoves a toy deep inside fucking the hole deep. Martin moans as he feels it . Then the toy is discarded and the belt starts landing on the hot body again. Alan then grabs Martin’s cock and wanks it. He releases one of Martin’s hands so that he can wank himself. The big cock is rock hard as Martin wanks and it’s not long before he delivers the cum.

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