Posts From the monthly archives: "May 2017"

  Studio:  All Australian Boys Star(s):  Lincoln Director’s Notes: Lincoln is one of those guys that lives to surf and Surfs to Live. He is an apprentice in a trade and is a surfboard shaper on the northern beaches of Sydney. He gets to the Gold Coats and Byron bay to surfer whenever…(Read More)

  Studio:  Freshmen Star(s):  Joaquin Arrenas, Jarrod Lanvin Director’s Notes: For those who are wondering whether today’s scenes are a double-day set or two separate scenes George has an explanation: In 1994 the late Chuck Holmes, founder of Falcon Studios shared some porn wisdom with me. He said, “George, dick sells…(Read More)

  Studio:  Helix Studios Star(s):  Max Carter, Chris Keaton Director’s Notes: Blonde Adonis Max Carter welcomes fellow all American apple pie fair haired newbie Chris Keaton to Helix in this blond boy bang fest! Fresh from Iowa, Keaton shares his college boy dreams and fantasies with Mr. Max, chatting about college life, what…(Read More)