William Higgins: Cute twinks Mirek Madl and Lubos Zeman get into some sticky fun.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Mirek Madl, Lubos Zeman

Director’s Notes:

We have a lovely Dreamset today, which was suggested by Mario, a great supporter of the site.  He wanted to see Mirek Madl and Lubos Zeman getting it on together, with Lubos giving up his sexy ass.  Mirek is on the bed when Lubos arrives and joins him.  They begin kissing each other and Lubos feels all over Mirek’s body, pushing up his tee shirt. He soon has Mirek’s jeans open and his swelling cock in his hand. Lubos sucks the cock into his mouth and works it so well, taking time for more kissing too. He keeps sucking on Mirek’s stiff cock and then climbs over into a 69, with both of them naked.  Mirek suck Lubos too, so both of them have their mouths full fo cock. Mirek really enjoys Lubos’ dick and sucks it some more as Lubos kneels before him. Then Lubos straddles Mirek and slides his sexy ass down onto the throbbing cock. He starts riding that dick before Mirek takes over and thrusts it deep into Lubos’ eager ass.  He fucks that sss nice and hard, stretching the hole.  Then Lubos lays down and wanks himself as Mirek’s dick pounds into his tight hole.  Mirek really works that hole good, slamming his dick in as deep as it will go. Lubos keeps wanking and shoots his hot load as Mirek’s cock keeps fucking as hard as it can.  Then Mirek pulls out and Lubos moves onto his knees, presenting that hot ass again. Mirek’s cock slides back into the hole and fucks it hard and fast.  He keeps up the fucking until he is ready to blow his load.  Then he pulls out and shoots his creamy cum all over Lubos’ ass. After milking all the cum from his cock Mirek takes Lubos off to the shower to clean up.

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