Dominic Ford: Hung hottie Scott DeMarco breeds hunk Ace Era.


Studio:  Dominic Ford

Star(s):  Scott DeMarco, Ace Era

Director’s Notes:

After 8 years we did it. This is are first bareback scene. It’s going to be huge, please be sure to promote it!

It’s the dawn of a new Era at, ushered in by Ace Era and Scott DeMarco.  This scene started off the way our typical Dominic Ford scenes start off: passionate, sexy and with a condom. But half-way into the scene, Ace and Scott both said they wished they weren’t using a condom.

So we let them continue without one for the rest of the scene. And it just got more wild from there. After an intense round of raw fucking, Scott breeds Ace,  shoves his cock back into Ace’s hole, and then makes Ace clean off his dick with his mouth. Talk about a new Era. This is very new for Dominic Ford, and we think it’s only the beginning.


Click here now to check out the full scene at Dominic Ford.

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