All Australian Boys: Hot jock Vincent has some fun at the beach and while visiting the gloryhole.


Studio:  All Australian Boys

Star(s):  Vincent

Director’s Notes:

Vincent is a straight, exuberant young AFL Footballer, originally from country Victoria. Doing beach shoots to him was very foreign but when we asked him to run into the water and back. He loved it and felt at ease. “This is like footy trainin” he said. Vincent is also an A grade sprinter representing Victoria.

You will see in vid when he runs out of the water, the explosive speed he has, once on the beach. In the studio he sat on the couch and watched lesbian porn and started to get hard.. Our new model Bree leaned over and started to suck his big cock and in no time it was rock hard.

Bree then took him to the gloryhole giving him a few sucks to keep it rock hard before handing over to Sunny. He put on his headphones and watched straight porn as the expert sucker worked away on his now fully erect cock. Bree our girl sucker couldn’t help herself giving him a back rub as he was getting sucked. Bree makes these straight boys feel more relaxed. After relentless suck from the sucker. This young footballer spurted his load, from hi big cock.

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