William Higgins: Sexy Alan Carly becomes the center of attention for Peter Andre, Dusan Polanek and Martin Polnak.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Peter Andre, Alan Carly, Dusan Polanek, Martin Polnak

Director’s Notes:

In part two of Wank Party 2016 # 10 we join Dusan Polanek, Martin Polnak, Alan Carly and Peter Andre. Martin is rimming Alan’s eager ass.  He stands and slides his throbbing cock into Alan’s hole as Dusan and Peter are watching.  Dusan reaches over and rubs Alan’s ass as he watches the cock fucking it deep.  Martin fucks that ass real well and then pulls out, so that Peter’s rigid dick can take a turn in the hot hole. Alan moans as he feels the cock pounding his ass.  Dusan wants some of that ass too and wanks his hard cock as he watches Peter pounding the hole.  Peter then pulls out, making way for Dusan to work his dick into the hole. He fucks Alan deep before moving aside for Martin to take his place. As they keep fucking that hole Alan really gets it good.  Then he rims Peter and Dusan in turn as Martin fucks him hard. Peter then sits and has his cock sucked by Alan and wanks Dusan before it is all change again.  Peter then fucks Alan while Dusan’s dick gets sucked.  Alan then lays on his back with Peter fucking him hard.  Alan wanks his cock as his hole is fucked hard.  Martin and Dusan kneel above him wanking themselves too.  Alan’s wanking gets hard and Peter pulls out of his ass.  Alan’s dick releases the creamy cum and the others all kneel over his head wanking hard.  Peter is first to shoot his load, dumping the cum on Alan’s chest.  He milks his cock and rubs it over Alan’s chin as Dusan gets ready .  His hot cum spurts onto Alan’s hairy chest too and he rubs the spent dick on Alan’s face.  Martin is close too and soon shoots his cum over Alan’s face. Alan tells them all how much he enjoyed it and wants it again next year.

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