William Higgins: Alan Carly serves Petr Andre, Dusan Polanek and Martin Polnak.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Petr Andre, Alan Carly, Dusan Polanek, Martin Polnak

Director’s Notes:

Wank Party 2016 #10 is a Dream Set and features Alan Carly, Petr Andre, Martin Polnak and Dusan Polanek.  In this first part we see Peter Andre sitting on the sofa as Dusan and Martin arrive to wish him happy birthday. They tell him that the present should arrive shortly.  As they wait Peter tells them of his other presents. Their wait is ended when the present arrives, in the form of Alan Carly.  He dances around and Peter gets us to join him.  He removes Alan’s tee shirt and spanks his ass as Alan bends and backs into him.  Then Peter sits and Alan straddles him as Dusan and Martin encourage them.  Alan removes his jeans and, naked, straddles Peter again. As they watch Dusan and Martin have their cocks out, wanking.  Then Martin takes Peter’s place with Alan straddling him. Peter joins Dusan and starts wanking too.  Alan feels Martin’s body as he bounces up and down on him. Then Dusan replaces Martin to feel Alan rubbing himself against his cock. He pulls Dusan’s thick, hard cock back so that it rubs against his ass as he gyrates his hips. Alan then goes down on Dusan’s cock as the others lay next to him.  Alan then moves over to suck Peter’s cock as Alan and Martin wank. He moves back to Dusan’s dick and then on to Peter’s again.  Dusan and Peter kiss and then Dusan grabs Martin’s dick and wanks it.  Alan sucks Dusan again and then moves over to taste Martin’s. Having sucked on all three cocks Alan then climbs into a chair, presenting his sexy ass.  Martin laps as the hot hole before making way for Dusan to do the same.  He spanks the ass too as he rims it. Peter then takes a turn lapping as the hole and wanking Alan’s cock as well.  As the keep swapping around Martin goes back to rimming as Dusan and Martin wank. They have set things up for some great fucking in part 2.

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