Sean Cody: Furry cuties Frankie and Manny have an intense fuck.


Studio:  Sean Cody

Star(s):  Frankie, Manny

Director’s Notes:

Two furry boys together means trouble!

Frankie seemed to have enjoyed his solo time here, and is back for a one-on-one session with somebody who can handle his rough edge…that’s where Manny comes in!

“How hard do you wanna fuck me?”

Frankie eyed Manny intensely, “I only have one setting.”

That setting was full-on hard action that kept Manny begging for more…and he took it like a champ!

I guess they couldn’t get enough of each other, because this is one cum-filled, passionate scene full of cream pies, cum-eating and relentless pounding!


Click here now to check out the full scene at Sean Cody.

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