Badpuppy: Sexy Lou Devane blows a nice load after some intense jerking.


Studio:  Badpuppy

Star(s):  Lou Devane

Director’s Notes:

We met 26 years old Lou Devane a while back at a party! He is a bartender at a local strip club, loves working out at the gym and loves showing off his cock. He walked over to us at the party and told us that we needed his huge cock on video. He pulled it out right there, on the spot and we could not have agreed more. According to Lou he masturbates every chance he gets, so he figured why not get paid for it and have fun at the same time. He sits back on the chair, removes his jeans and proceeds to rub his thick, stiff cock. Using both hands and stroking from different angles, Lou is a man on a mission. He turns and kneels on the chair, spreading his ass cheeks wide open, showing off his man hole as he tugs down on his cock. Lou slowly works his fingers into his asshole which stimulates him more and his cock is getting even harder. Sitting back down on the chair, you can tell he’s about to blow and with a few final strokes; Lou blows a thick creamy load all over the chair.

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