Mormon Boyz: Sexy Elder Ence and Elder Sorensen drill Elder Dudley.


Studio:  Mormon Boyz

Star(s):  Elder Dudley, Elder Ence, Elder Sorensen

Director’s Notes:

During transfers, Elder Dudley, Elder Ence, and Elder Sorensen were paired together. This was somewhat awkward for poor Elder Dudley who feels like Elder Ence is the guy of his dreams. And although he feels like he has fallen in love with Ence, he still fooled around with Elder Sorensen while the two were on splits.

What Elder Dudley didn’t know was that Elder Sorensen seduced his companion as well when it was their turn to be on splits together.

The boys barely had been in their new threesome companionship a week when Elder Dudley and Elder Ence learned the truth from Elder Sorensen in the temple. On the one hand the revelation was awesome. This meant they wouldn’t have to be secretive about the sex they were having. But for Elder Dudley there were complicated feelings about the love of his life having sex with someone else.

But Elder Dudley was quick to acknowledge his hypocrisy, and his jealousy melted away.

And now all his fantasies revolved around spending the rest of his life with both of these two young men. As he thought about their lives together after their missions, his thoughts made him horny.

In the week leading up to this revelation, Elder Ence and Elder Dudley learned something else. Elder Sorensen was assigned to the boys as their covenant sponsor. The threesome had been formed because the brethren had plans to keep Elder Dudley and Elder Ence in their companionship and have them ordained at the same time.

The last few weeks of secret ordinances were accompanied by a welcome lull in their missionary work. And the downtime gave the boys a chance to think and have questions.

After just a week in their threesome, Elder Sorensen took his companions to the temple and led them to an ordinance room on the top floor. There he sat them down and started to answer the questions they had about their ritualistic journey towards The Order’s inner sanctum.

Elder Dudley flooded Elder Sorensen with questions, but Elder Ence had heard all that he needed to know. His urges finally made sense, and what was more, no one was asking him to keep them in check.

When the discussion started to focus on the ordaining sex they would have with the men of the priesthood, it didn’t take long for Elder Dudley and Elder Sorensen to get handsy. And then came the bombshell. Elder Sorensen told Elder Dudley they could do more than touch, “after all, I’ve done more than touch with both of you.”

That was all it took for the boys to realize they shared the same secret. Elder Sorensen had slept with both of he boys, and the boys didn’t have to hide this from each other anymore.

Elder Dudley got right to the point. “Wait, so you the two of you have had sex with each other?”

The two boys nod.

Feeling liberated, Elder Ence pushed forward, “We’ve each had sex with each other, but we haven’t all had sex together.”

They nod again and tentatively glance at each other.

Elder Dudley check in with Elder Sorensen who happily confirms, “I’m game!”

Elder Ence immediately straddles Elder Dudley’s handsome frame and the two exchange passionate kisses. Elder Sorensen, not one to be left out, begins to massage Elder Ence’s muscular ass as he pulls at Elder Dudley’s tie.

The boys scramble to undress, all three of them feeling the unparalleled excitement of being able to play with not just one other boy, but two.

Elder Ence is ravenous and is the first to get on his knees. Still clad in their sacred underwear, Ence takes first Dudley’s and then Sorensen’s throbbing cocks in his mouth. He can taste the sweat and musk of their young, hormonal bodies even through the thin cloth.

But Dudley can’t take the tease any longer and suggests they all strip down. Dudley takes Elder Sorensen’s pink shaft in his mouth and Elder Ence continues sucking Dudley from below. Hearing Elder Ence choke as he deep throats Dudley, only makes the young boy go even deeper on Elder Sorensen’s dick.

Elder Ence groans with joy and covers Dudley’s cock in saliva. Dudley smiles. He let’s Sorensen slick member slide out of his mouth.

“Looks like you could use a little attention, Ence.”

He turns to the mischievous boy and begins to flick his tongue over the wet head of Ence’s dick. He tastes the bittersweet precum that is already leaking out. Ence leans his head back and sighs.

“Your mouth feels amazing.”

Sorensen, having remembered a thing or two from his previous foray with Elder Dudley, lies down on the ground and begins lick the young boy’s balls. Dudley tightens and moans. But Sorensen wants more. He wants to feel his cock slide inside Dudley’s ass. Soon enough, he thinks. He’s not a boy who likes to be kept waiting,

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