William Higgins: Cutie Mirek Madl plays around with hung Roco Rita.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Mirek Madl, Roco Rita

Director’s Notes:

Mirek Madl opens his door to admit Roco Rita who is there to do an inspection.  But as he works his mind turns to the sexy Mirek and things get very hot, very quickly.  They kiss and start to strip off.  Once naked Mirek sucks eagerly on Roco’s big, fat, cock.  He takes Roco to his bed to suck that huge, hard, cock.  Then Mirek releases his own stiff dick and Roco quickly takes it in his mouth to give him a real good blow job.  Roco wants more though and gets it, as he kneels on the bed with Marek’s dick deep in his hot ass.  Mirek fucks him doggy style, going in so deep, before Roco turns over onto his back.  In that position Mirek’s throbbing cock pounds the hole some more as Roco wanks himself.  With the dick deep in his ass Roco can’t hold back and shoots a big load all over his belly.  Mirek pulls out of the hot ass and shoots his creamy cum over Roco’s face.  Roco sucks the cock to drain the last drops from it.

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