NakedSword: Elder Dudley and Elder Sorensen hide their love in this hot scene from Mormon Boyz.


Studio:  NakedSword

Star(s):  Elder Dudley, Elder Sorensen

Director’s Notes:

As eager as President Oaks is to continue the initiation process for the two extraordinarily handsome boys, he knows their tender holes could use a break. So he pairs the boys for the evening and sends them to get some rest in a missionary apartment. As Dudley and Sorensen leave the temple together, both guys are hiding a crush on the other. The sexual tension between Elder Ricci and Elder Sorensen is ELECTRIC! Elder Ricci hasn’t yet accepted his invitation to join The Order, a secret society of Mormon men based on erotic rituals passed down for almost two hundred years. Every now and then, the President sends the well-endowed boy on special errands, and today he has assigned Ricci to go on splits with Elder Sorensen.


Click here now to check out the full scene at NakedSword.

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