Mormon Boyz: Elder Oaks gets fucked by his father President Oaks.


Studio:  Mormon Boyz

Star(s):  Elder Oaks, President Oaks

Director’s Notes:

Elder Oaks doesn’t hesitate. He drops to his knees and runs his tongue the length of his father’s shaft. The smell from the jockstrap is so much stronger. President Oaks instructs his son to open his mouth and take his father balls deep.

They move onto the bed and Elder Oaks watches his father’s face twist in passion. “Squeeze the base of my cock.” Oaks does.

His own cock straining to be released. As he bobs his head up and down, he realizes what the smell really is. It’s power. Pure, masculine power. And he wants it inside him.

“Let me show you something that feels really good,” President Oaks says. And begins to roll his son onto his back.

Oaks is all too willing to give his tight, little hole to the man who made him.

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