FrenchTwinks: Timothe Besse catches cutie Abel Lacourt jerking it.


Studio:  FrenchTwinks

Star(s):  Timothe Besse, Abel Lacourt

Director’s Notes:

Abel Lacourt just finished jerking off in his room when his roommate Timothe Besse surprises him, still with cock in hand and belly covered with cum. Timothe discovers that Abel was watching a gay porn instead of studying and the situation excites him a lot. Timothy licks the hot boy juice off the hairless body of Abel and the two cute twinks start kissing and caressing. Timothe is jacking off the beautiful cock of Abel that grows gradually and then he starts to suck it. The twink moans with pleasure getting his dick and balls licked and Abel is now interested in the bottom of his friend. The 18 twink starts eating the ass of Timothe and plays with his tight little hole. Timothe groaned under the hits of the guys tongue and fingers penetrating him. At the sight of this sweet ass that expands, Abel who’s usually a bottom, cannot resist to fuck it. Abel starts to move back and forth in Timothe’ass who’s on all fours. The pace quickens and groans are becoming noisier. Abel then turns Timothe on the back to fuck him deeper and harder until he ejaculates on his face.

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