FrenchTwinks: Sexy twinks Robin Castel and Abel Lacourt show their team spirit!


Studio:  FrenchTwinks

Star(s):  Robin Castel, Abel Lacourt

Director’s Notes:

Dressed in the colors of their favorite team Robin Castel and Abel Lacourt support the French team during the final of the Soccer Euros 2016. If Robin is passionate supporter, Abel seems to watch the game without interest and have other ideas in mind.

While Robin is focused on the game, Abel starts to tease him and tried to distract him by beginning a striptease. Abel is waddling his little ass with body paint on, in the colors of France in front of Robin who tries at first to push him away, but the twink returned to the attack and, as you know, it is impossible to resist for long the devastating charm of our twink star. The two boys kiss languorously and caress while undressing. A nice bulge emerges in Robin soccer shorts and Abel shoves his head towards the cock of Robin to suck greedily. After these fore-plays Robin is hard and horny, ready to penetrate the tight ass of Abel and to make him whine in doggy position on the couch. Before returning the twink on to his back, Robin eats and fingers Abel’s ass to further expand this delicious pink hole and to be able to fuck even more wildly in a final assault. Robin will finish by squirting on the baby face of Abel who will cum in turn still covered the sperm of his partner.

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