FrenchTwinks: Paul Delay enjoys a lot of sausages with the help of Robin Castel.


Studio:  FrenchTwinks

Star(s):  Robin Castel, Paul Delay

Director’s Notes:

On a warm summer evening, Abel, Robin, Matteo, Timothe and Paul meet for an evening barbecue. The atmosphere is fun and subject to seduction. Robin gets closer to Paul, who forget to monitor the sausages on the fire. Robin tries to help Paul to rekindle the embers, but within seconds the situation turns to tragedy and barbecue catches fire! Large flames emanating from every and our five frightened twinks graze the fire. Fortunately more fear than harm, but dinner is charred. Thus Matteo Abel and Timothy leave the table to fetch a pizza, leaving Robin and Paul alone. There is nothing to eat but Paul will taste of the big sausage of Robin that he begins to swallow deep throat. The two boys are as hot as the barbecue and after being well pumped Robin starts to pound Paul who’s riding him on a chair before switching on the table. Robin fucks Paul vigorously who cries with pleasure and asks for more and more. Robin uses all his energy, the table shakes, dishes fall down and pleasure howls resound even louder. The big Robin’s caliber will finally calm down the incredible sexual appetite of Paul and the two twinks cum simultaneously and profusely.


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