FrenchTwinks: Paul Delay and Matteo Lavigne get all horned up under the summer sun.


Studio:  FrenchTwinks

Star(s):  Paul Delay, Matteo Lavigne

Director’s Notes:

On a beautiful summer day, Paul Delay and Matteo Lavigne are getting a tan in the garden. While Matteo worries about his tanning lines, Paul offers for him put sun cream on him. Paul rubs and massages the smooth body of Matteo with his soft hands and the twink gets an erection when Paul’s fingers come near his crotch. Sensitive to this beautiful hard cock Paul begins to caress the beautiful Matteo’s dick before taking it in mouth. The effort in the sun is exhausting so the two boys jump in the pool to cool off. Paul and Matteo, are fully naked, pushing, squirting and splashing in the water. An erotic battle ending with Matteo’s head in front of Paul’s ass ! Matteo starts licking and fingering Paul’s hole all the while he is moaning and squirming with pleasure. The excitement increases more and more and Matteo then straightened to fuck Paul, with his feet in the water. The 18 twink gives all his energy to satisfy the insatiable sexual appetite of his partner. An intense and passionate intercourse that will continue on the sunbed under the sunset. The two youths let go completely invested in their pleasure and Paul’s over excitement will send several beautiful jets of cum on face of Matteo who will squirt his load in turn a few minutes later.

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