Bulldog Pit: Sexy Danny Montero works out some stress with the help of a Fleshjack.


Studio:  Bulldog Pit

Star(s):  Danny Montero

Director’s Notes:

Danny Montero is a handsome young businessman, finishing up his day at work. As the last person leaves, Danny is all alone in the office. With the door locked, it’s the perfect moment to relieve a bit of stress by taking his new Fleshjack for test-drive! Sliding his cut cock inside the toy, Danny then pulls out, unsheathing his shaft then fucking all the way back into the Fleshjack. Danny treats us to a real eyeful as he continues to play, abusing his own cock, and the toy, with a frenzy only a horny bastard like him can muster. As he builds, we just know this is going to end with torrents of spunk flowing from his tasty balls. And so it does! The semen spurts forth, coating his desk in more jizz than you can imagine. It had us all reaching out and fucking the jack in the same way!

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