Broke Straight Boys: Cutie Tyler Griffin uses his hole and feet to make Benjamin Dover blow.


Studio:  Broke Straight Boys

Star(s):  Benjamin Dover, Tyler Griffin

Director’s Notes:

Benjamin Dover isn’t afraid to speak his mind, and what’s on his mind right now is Tyler Griffin wrapping those soft lips around his cock and when he asks for it, Tyler doesn’t hesitate! He sucks Ben’s fat dick, getting him good and hard before standing up and asking Ben for some oral in return. Ben takes his time blowing Tyler’s long shaft, making sure he’s relaxed and hard before bending him over and slowly entering him from behind, Ben’s cock filling Tyler up as he starts to pound him hard and fast.

Tyler holds his own dick in his hand as he kneels on all fours, letting out little moans as his ass gets fucked raw, stretching around Ben’s amazing prick. They try from a different angle as Ben thrusts deeper and faster into Tyler’s tight little ass, flipping Tyler on his back so he can play with himself while he takes Ben’s bareback dick. Tyler strokes out a huge load while Ben gets a few more good thrusts in, pulling out and using Tyler’s feet to make himself cum, getting a taste of that jizz before calling it a day!

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