Active Duty: Sexy Dante relaxes while off duty.


Studio:  Active Duty

Star(s):  Dante

Director’s Notes:

Drinkin’ whiskey out the bottle, not thinkin’ ‘bout tomorrow…that’s how I imagine Dante when he’s on leave. He’s a sexy, lean, laid-back dude that’s in no rush to be anywhere. I’m excited he’s interested in becoming part of our humble squad. And boy does this soldier have a luscious dick!

I was simply tickled by his underwear, which have an elephant’s head pictured on the front, and I’ll bet you can guess exactly where the trunk is!

When he finally unsheathes his stiffening trunk, we see that Dante is quite blessed, with a large cock that tends to point straight upward when he’s not touching it! It’s a perky, perfect dick that I’m sure plenty of fellow recruits will be salivating over pretty soon.

Claude lets Dante enjoy some porn on the TV and Dante gets down to cranking that hard meat for us. It’s Dante’s first time on camera and he certainly seems relaxed. He kicks one leg up on the couch and Claude gets down nice and tight so we get a good look at those sweet balls as Dante jacks his erection.

Click here now to check out the full scene at Active Duty.

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