Active Duty: Damn, Scott is so sexy!


Studio:  Active Duty

Star(s):  Scott

Director’s Notes:

Hey Troops,Y’all are gonna just melt when you meet this brand new recruit. His name is Scott and he’s the most delicious thing I’ve seen in TOO long! Claude really let Scott get down how he likes. Scott seems to be a young, but very confident young man and he certainly knows how to pleasure himself. Gosh, what a sexy boy!His body is just perfect. He’s lean but has some nice muscular development and it’s easy to see he has such potential for the future. Scott has that special leadership quality and I’m hoping we’ll get plenty of opportunities to see him put it to use. Once Scott peels off his Military green t-shirt, his jeans, and his sexy green undies, we get a look at his happy, strong cock. He’s already fattening up and as he plays with that tasty dong, he leans back on the couch to fully recline and sprawl out. He’s so relaxed and cool! Scott takes the liberty of really using his free hand to touch all over his body. We see the genuine ecstasy on Scott’s face as he enjoys every moment of this display for us. Claude tightens in slowly on Scott as he jerks his meat. Check out that tight, bubbly ass. I’m hoping Scott will be willing to take a stiff dick in that tender 18-year-old hole! I know we have plenty of soldiers on the roster who would be champing at the bit!Claude gives us an over-the-shoulder perspective to see what Scott sees. Yumm! Scott’s hands are masculine yet gentle, and look incredible manipulating that fat cock. Claude gets down, right underneath Scott’s dick to show us how delicious it would look if we were waiting for Scott to pop a healthy blast onto our face. I really enjoyed watching Scott’s taint here. His so well put together!And the view of Scott on his feel from a wider perspective is just magic. Tight abs, strong legs, and lean, thick arms. Yes, please!Then it’s back to the couch where Scott is sure to use plenty of oil to finish the job. I also enjoyed that he kept his socks on for this session. They’re a nice looking, athletic pair. As Scott works up to that final moment, his intensity builds and crescendos in an eruption of passionate release. What an amazing debut from this young hunk! Let’s all hope he’s back soon, maybe mixing things up next time with a new acquaintance.

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