SDBoy: Brian bottoms for fellow student Jonathan.


Studio:  SDBoy

Star(s):  Brian, Jonathan

Director’s Notes:

With an exclusive Director’s Cut video for, two exhibitionist’s pair up; boy do they pair up. In this multi-part video, these hotties like to be filmed and love to have sex. Both 20 and students, they’re willing to do their thing. Brian will bottom for Jonathan; at least it starts out that way. With lots of kissing, the boys work one another up; Jonathan dives into his partner’s hole, face first, before they fuck. Pushing in, the top immediately moans, you have a tight ass. Fully erect and loving the cock up him, the bottom groans, damn. Fucking doggie style, Jonathan’s cheeks flush as he thrusts and Brian whimpers, pound it. In for the long-haul, neither one is ready to blow, yet. Next scene, we’ll see what really gets these two off.

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