Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Petr Cernyka, Roco Rita

Director’s Notes:

Petr Cernyka is with Roco Rita who is chatting to him about sex with another guy.  Petr says he hasn’t thought about it, but does agree to some experimentation. In reality he has thought about it and acted upon it in the past, but he is teasing Roco in the hope of getting a good hard fuck. He eagerly kisses Roco and the two of them strip to the waist as they enjoy it. Then, as they lay on the bed Petr opens Roco’s jeans to get at his rock hard cock.  He quickly gets the dick in his mouth and sucks on it. He is expert at sucking the shows Roco’s dick a real good time. Then he lays down and Roco kisses his chest and returns the favour, releasing the dick and starting to suck on it.  It quickly gets hard in Roco’s mouth and then Petr’s jeans come off and he pulls his legs up to give access to his ass.  Roco rims the ass and fingers it too.  That ass looks so inviting, with the hole opening up nicely for tongue and finger. Roco’s dick is so thick and hard and he is keen to fuck that sexy hole.  Laying down he has Petr climb over him and slide his ass down on that big, fat cock.  Rock fucks Petr’s hole nice and deep, stretching it wide. His dick slams up into the hole as Petr takes it easily. Moving into missionary position Petr’s hole gets slammed some more by Roco’s massive tool.  He works it deep into that ass, pounding it hard. Then he moves Petr onto his knees and bangs his ass from behind.  He fucks hard and fast and soon cannot hold back, dumping his hot load deep in the ass.  As he removes his cock he spreads Petr’s ass as it releases the hot cum.  Petr then lays on the bed and wanks himself as Roco kneels over him wanting the cum in his mouth.  Petr shoots a big load onto his belly and then Roco takes hold of the cock and licks and sucks the sticky head to get the remaining cum out of it.

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