Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Michael Red

Director’s Notes:

Michael Red is aged 19. This beautiful straight guy lives in Brno where he is a student. In his spare time he enjoys sports, ice-hockey and fitness. Michael is a really sexy guy and looks as good as always as he raises his tee shirt to show off his chest. He flexes his biceps and does some posing before turning and lowering his jeans to reveal his hot ass.  He continues his muscle poses and then lowers his underwear to give us a look at his lovely, soft, cock.  With his beautiful body and that cock he looks great.  Even better as the cock gets hard and pokes out in front of him.  Michael then lays o the bed and lifts his legs up, trapping his dick between his thick thighs as he shows off his tight hole.  He turns over, onto his knees and reaches back to spread the ass cheeks to give a better view of his hole.  Then he lays back to show that cock again before standing and flexing some more. This is one very sexy guy and a lovely shoot that lets us enjoy every inch of him.

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