Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Marion Anel, Bradley Cook

Director’s Notes:

Bradley Cook is sitting at his desk reading a magazine and listening to some music when Marion Anel finds him.  Marion leans over and kisses Bradley’s neck and rubs his shoulders. He pulls out Bradleys ear buds and closes his magazine so he has his full attention.  Bradley turns to face Marion and returns his kisses. Taking off Bradley’s tee shirt Marion drops to his knees and opens and pulls down the jeans.  That releases Bradely’s big cock which Marion is quick to start sucking.  They both moan as Marions hot lips work on the big, hard, cock.  Marion sucks on the big balls too.  Then he stands up and kisses Bradley again.  He returns to sucking on the cock, taking it deep into his throat. Marion gets naked too, his cock nice and hard, as he keeps sucking on the big dick. He stands up again and kisses Bradley some more before pushing him back on the table and pulling his legs in the air.  With Bradley’s hot and hairy hole exposed Marion’s tongue finds a welcoming home.  He laps at the hole as Bradley moans loudly.  Then he also has a little spank of the ass.  Spitting on the hole Marion then slips a finger in.  His finger fucks the tight hole as he sucks on the cock some more. With the hole loosened up Marion’s dick slides in and starts to fuck.  He pounds the hole as deep as he can, Bradley taking it so well. Bradley is loving the feeling as he grabs his own dick and starts to wank it.  Marion keeps fucking that tight ass as Bradley shoots his cum all over himself.  Having dumped his hot load Bradley turns and bends over for Marion to fuck him from behind. That hairy hole is spread wide as Marion’s dick slams in and out as hard as it can.  As the fucking speeds up Marion pulls out and shoots his hot cum all over Bradley’s ass. Having fucked his friend so hard Marion turns him around and kisses him one final time.

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