Southern Strokes: Austin Scott shows off his body builder muscular body.


Studio:  Southern Strokes

Star(s):  Austin Scott

Director’s Notes:

Every once in a while I will head into Dallas and hit the gym for the sole purpose of checking out the boys. My last trip in, I struck up a conversation with Austin as he was working out. He had on a tear away shirt showing off his huge chest and ripped abs for the viewing pleasure of the rest of the gym.

Austin kinda chuckled when I asked him if he liked to show off that body of his. He admitted that he loves the attention so I offered him an opportunity to show off for a much larger audience. Two days later, Austin was pulling into the Ranch.

23 year old Austin is 5’6″ tall with 165 pounds of body builder muscle. I turned on the cameras and asked Austin to flex for me and he did everything I asked him to do. Austin pulled down his shorts so we could get a good look at his hairy beefy ass. Austin was getting off showing off his quads as he slowly stroked his cock.

Austin sat back ing the chair, kicked off his shorts and started stroking his cut cock. He cupped his tight nut sack as he slowly stroked his hard meat. Austin’s swollen nut sack looked liked it was holding back a huge protein shake as he worked his meat. Sure enuff, Austin drained his sack all over the table leaving a nice creamy puddle of man juice for dessert.

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