Studio:  Sean Cody

Star(s):  Manny, Sean

Director’s Notes:

“Manny, what are you excited for today?”
He happily replied, “I’m excited to take some dick today!”
Sean looked at him strangely, “Me first!”
Manny had something else to be excited about, too! That’s right, Sean and Manny flip-fuck! What better scenario than having these two big-dicked guys going at it?
Manny continued, “I’ve heard big things…”
Sean was equally impressed by Manny’s credentials, “Ooh, that makes two of us!”
When it came down to it, Sean really gave it to Manny hard and deep, throwing him around and using his hole to its fullest potential. Manny took it like a champ and blew the biggest load he’s ever blown!
Then it was Manny’s turn. Sean was the lucky one to get to be the first on Sean Cody to get fucked by Manny…this cum-filled flip flop scene is surely going to please many.

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