Studio:  Mormon Boyz

Star(s):  Elder Dudley, Elder Ence

Director’s Notes:

While Dudley’s crush on Ence continues to grow, Ence just wants to have fun and blow his load wherever he can.

But The Order has had their eye on Ence for quite a while. They know if he can be made to obey, he will be a great asset in recruiting more eager, young boys.

And Elder Sorensen is just the boy to bring Ence into the fold. Elder Sorensen’s cock and hole have proved irresistible to everyone and Sorensen isn’t one to lose out on an opportunity to get in bed with someone as hot as Ence.

So, while Elder Dudley continues his journey through The Order, Elder Ence and Sorensen are paired together for companionship splits.

As they lay in their separate beds before lights out, Ence, coyly asks Sorensen if he’s ever thought about having sex with another guy.

Sorensen can barely contain his laughter. Ence has no clue about all the ways Sorensen’s body has been pushed to the very edge by The Brethren. But he won’t tell him yet. He slyly replies that his friend once offered to blow him, but he hadn’t done anything else.

Ence can feel his cock hardening against the sacred underwear. He loves how pure and cute Sorensen appears and can’t wait to get his hands on this seeming virgin.

Both boys convince each other that they’ll keep anything that happens between them a secret.

That’s all the permission Ence needs to jump into Sorensen’s bed and wrap his thick lips around Sorensen’s throbbing cock.

Ence loves the way Sorensen’s cock tastes and he greedily takes it to all the way to the back of his throat.

Sorensen is thrilled with how skilled the other boy is. Though he’s had a lot of powerful men’s mouths around his cock, Ence is incredible. After only a few minutes he’s already on the edge of cumming.

Elder Sorensen stops Ence from going all the way and kneels down in front of Ence. Sorensen is excited to put Ence’s big juicy boy-meat in his mouth.

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