Studio:  College Dudes

Star(s):  Scott Demarco, Zeke Weidman

Director’s Notes:

Scott Demarco and Zeke Weidman have a very sexy chemistry, and they bring that intensity to each kiss, each touch, as they make out and get each other hard! Zeke pulls Scott’s big dick out from his pants and takes that cock in his mouth, deepthroating it and sucking Scott’s balls as Scott enjoys watching Zeke work his magic. Scott’s craving cock and gets a mouthful of Zeke’s long shaft next, stroking Zeke’s member with his hands and mouth as he runs his wet tongue across Zeke’s pulsing prick.

After another round of oral from Zeke, Scott bends him over the bed and rims his tight little ass, tracing Zeke’s hole with his tongue and making Zeke moan for more! Scott lubes up and Zeke gets on all fours as Scott slowly sticks him with his fat cock, sliding it in gently and then fucking him harder, pounding him from behind as Zeke’s ass stretches around Scott’s meat. They switch positions and Zeke gets on top, riding Scott and shoving his big cock all the way up his ass before Scott gets him back on the bed, spreads his legs and enters him! Zeke jerks his own dick as Scott hammers him, dominating that ass until both guys stroke out a big load and Zeke gets covered in cum!

Click here now to check out the full scene at College Dudes.

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